EQMS Document Manager delivers unshakeable control over your policies, procedures and other critical documentation for both SME's and large, multinational enterprises.

An intuitive system which automates the management of document lifecycles, keeping track of versions, maintaining the integrity of content and ensuring the right information is available to the right people at the right time.

EQMS Document Manager underpins compliance with regulation, business standards and contractual obligations. It protects information assets, drives adherence to best practice and minimises the administrative burden of controlling documentation. Users find information quickly and easily, reducing rework and error and improving decision-making and performance. 


  1. Information is easy to find – navigate to the compliance file you need through a familiar information structure or employ powerful search capability. 
  2. Built-in compliance - improve document control procedures by ensuring users only access the latest version of important documents and prevent the use of inaccurate and out-of-date material. 
  3. Security - control the delivery of authorised information to appropriate groups of users; employees, management, suppliers and customers. 
  4. Automate change control – manage acknowledgement, review, approval and escalation processes to drive regular review and update.
  5. Cut administration costs – reduce the time, effort and resources required to manage your business-critical information assets.

      6.  Access Anywhere - Cloud based document management software enables workforce to acccess EQMS on the go, within popular software tools and on any device. 

Features & Benefits
Secure Access

EQMS manages secure access to approved content by authorised users. Users see only accurate, current versions of documents.


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Document Navigation and Storage

EQMS provides a secure central repository for storing documents and offers simple navigational tools that allow easy cross-referencing of content in a familiar hierarchical structure.

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Full Version Control

EQMS retains a full history for each document held in the system to provide a comprehensive audit trail available for inspection and providing evidence of compliance.

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Automated Review and Approval

EQMS automates the acknowledgement, review and approval of documents to speed up the process and enhance the quality of content.

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Document Attributes

EQMS stores a range of attributes for each document to support compliance and facilitate search and retrieval.

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Extensive Search Options

EQMS offers a range of powerful search options. Configure the options your users require and ensure your critical documents are only ever a click away.

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Oxford University Press & EQMS Document Manager
"Over the past 6 years EQMS has been the backbone of our compliance and quality systems.

We use Document Manager to control access to SOPS, policies and key documentation.

I would recommend Qualsys in a heartbeat"
Paula Hart, Oxford University Press

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Document Management Standards and Regulation
EQMS Document Management System helps organisations address the document control requirements specified by a range of standards and regulation:
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