EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager is auditing software which saves you time and money by allowing you to plan, schedule and manage multiple audits quickly and efficiently.

Workflow-enabled functionality guides you through the full audit process, guaranteeing completion of any corrective or preventive actions. 

EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager provides evidence of compliance which can support your organisation comply with regulations and achieve quality standards. The audit control system sets out processes and equips you with foolproof mechanisms to eliminate process issues. You can manage any type of audit or inspection activity, creating and storing checklists of questions ongoing use and analysis. Many of our customers use Audit and Inspection Manager for health and safety, compliance and cleaning audits. 

EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager reinforces best auditing practice, eliminates compliance problems, reduces risk and provides a platform for continuous improvement. 


  1. Rapidly resolve problems – problems are exposed, never ignored and always addressed
  2. Improve processes – drive improvement through continuous review and refinements
  3. Access analysis of audit and inspection results -  realtime availability of data improves decision-making and performance 
  4. Simplify the audit and inspection process – minimise effort by co-ordinating activity across multiple standards & regulations, geographic territories and organisational boundaries 
  5. Cut administration costs and maximise the ROI of your audit and inspection programme – reduce the time, effort and resources required to run your mandatory audit activity
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Features & Benefits
Plan and Schedule

EQMS plans and schedules audits and inspections with ease, automating notification of key milestone dates and activities to all participants in the audit process.

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Create Templates

EQMS streamlines the audit process by storing templates for all your different types of audits and inspections.  Templates comprise scope, checklists of questions, applicable standards and auditee departments.

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Automate CAPA and Escalation to Resolve Issues

EQMS automates corrective and preventive action activity, assigning responsibilities and setting deadlines to ensure problems are dealt with rapidly and efficiently. EQMS triggers escalation messages to guarantee critical actions cannot be ignored.

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Activity at a Glance

EQMS provides an overview of all audit and inspection activity allowing the Audit Manager to take stock of progress and divert effort where it is needed.

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Questions and Checklists

EQMS stores a reusable bank of questions organised into checklists to reduce the effort required to set up an audit or inspection.

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Categorise Audits, Inspections, Findings and CAPA

EQMS allows you to categorise audit and inspection data in as many user-definable ways as you require.  You are then able to analyse the information you record to provide you with the audit metrics you need.

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Hear what our customers say:
"EQMS is an extremely powerful and versatile tool for audit management.

The database function is backed by an excellent support team who are keen to assist users and to further develop the EQMS system and maximise its potential."
Alan Smith, Quality Manager, Northern Genetics Service

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