ECMS for Outsource Service Providers follows a change request from start to finish, predetermining its route through the business - ensuring it goes to all the right departments and people, at the right time.

Requests for non-standard products or services are commonplace, and can be a great way to leverage additional revenue.

The problem occurs when a change request isn’t followed through succinctly by all departments. Teams often misfire when faced with such requests, as management of the process falls between two stools. Whose responsibility is it? How do we deal with it?
These commercial deficiencies often lead to;
  • A failure to invoice for work done
  • A failure to invoice recurring revenues
  • Not applying annual indexation to recurring revenues
  • Work completed without client sign-off, with resultant delays in payment
  • No evidence of Purchase Orders available at billing

ECMS for Outsource Service Providers provides a series of online forms to track the course of a business enquiry from submission, through validation, solution design, pricing, internal approval, quotation, purchase order and acceptance, implementation, customer acceptance, billing approval to invoice.

The system can be tailored to meet your specific needs as well as different business and project types.


Features & Benefits
Senior Management

Revenues are assured, delayed or missed payments eliminated and P&L performance is optimised.  


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Clear oversight of pipeline work assists demand management.


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Account Management

Easily track customer account progress across multiple projects.


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Faster, better quality response to enquiries, if enabled, direct access to ECMS facilitates better communication, provides real-time progress and builds the trusting and transparent relationship between Outsource Service Provider and customer.  


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Reduce billing errors and disputes.

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Analyse business activity, in real time

ECMS is most powerful when it is able to deliver corporate wide analysis and reporting of business activity, in real time. ECMS becomes a single and instant source of truth for the organisation, removing the errors which result from the need for data to be collected from multiple sources, transferred into spreadsheets and manually analysed.


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Hear what our customers have to say:
ECMS for Outsource Service Providers enables us to provide accurate financial forecast across the business, we have complete commercial clarity
ECMS - revenue assurance, guaranteed
ECMS protects from revenue leakage by enforcing controlled processes which are then fully audit-able. In addition to greater future revenue visibility, an additional benefit is easier compliance with a range of standards and regulations.
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Some of our customers
University of Leeds
Financial Times
BAE Systems
Hybrid Air Vehicles
Thomas Miller
Aberdein Considine
Liverpool Direct
Lowri Beck
Monosol - Quality Context
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