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Common questions answered: 

1. How does licensing work?

2. How long does it take to get a system live?

3. We use SharePoint, why do I need EQMS?

4. Can EQMS integrate with these other software solutions?


1. How does licensing work? 

Rob Oakley

Rob Oakley, Commercial Director, Qualsys:

"EQMS is fully internet / intranet enabled and the entire system is server based. There is no requirement for workstation software, other than a standard desktop browser.

This simplifies installation and maintenance. Most Practices already have the infrastructure to support the browser software that is becoming the standard for business to business transactions.

For the hosted (cloud) solution, like with most Software as a Service providers’, EQMS is licenced on a per-user basis.

The benefit of hosted solution is that it removes the upfront cost and spreads the cost of ownership and support over the life of the solution.

Alternatively you can purchase a licence for EQMS and have the software installed on your own server platform. License prices are based on the number of administrative users."


2. How long does it take to get a system live in my business? 

Gemma Baldan

 Gemma Baldan, Client Manager:

"A hosted solution can be made available within 24 hours. The Smart Start team at Qualsys have 20yrs+ experience helping 100’s of organisations implement electronic quality management systems.

EQMS Smart Start® is a simple process that guides you through the build, set up and use of all Qualsys solutions.

  • Best practice structure
  • Using your own terms, workflow and documentation
  • Lower learning curve for your users
  • Wider usage and faster ROI

Depending on the size of your practice, EQMS Smart Start can be completed in just 3 days."


3. We use SharePoint, why do I need EQMS to help manage compliance? 

Rob Needham

 Rob Needham, Technical Director, Qualsys:

"SharePoint works very well as a structured document repository. 

However, without an expert technical team gaps in SharePoint can appear, particularly when it comes to data compliance and management of sensitive content.

In a recent survey from AIIM, only 20 % of respondents indicated they had sufficient confidence in SharePoint security to store sensitive information. And more than 60% of organisations surveyed are yet to bring SharePoint in line with their existing compliance policies.

EQMS allows you to work seamlessly within SharePoint whilst ensuring you mitigate risk of non-compliance with regulations and internal policies.

With EQMS, end users can continue to work directly from SharePoint. From their perspective, appearance of day to day systems will not change in any way at all. EQMS will ensure companywide compliance from behind the scenes. 

Sound interesting? Speak to us to find out more."

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4. Our organisation uses varying financial, sales and customer service software. Can EQMS integrate with these other software solutions? 

Michael Ord

 Michael Ord, Business Development Manager, Qualsys:

"Yes, EQMS works seamlessly with other software solutions.

In 17 years, we are yet to come across any other software that we have been unable to integrate with. EQMS works with Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Salesforce, Sage, Echosign and many other software packages.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have specific requirement or question"




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