Case Study: Tritech Group

About Tritech
Providing bespoke engineering solutions and services for the Aerospace and Defence industries, The Tritech Group required a comprehensive quality management system that would meet the compliance demands of ISO 9001 in sectors where there is little to no margin for error.
Tritech approached Qualsys requiring a system that would allow its auditors to quickly and efficiently audit the organisation’s supplier products to uphold its high standards of corporate and social responsibility. It also needed to tighten its document management, control, and access, and better manage the flood of day-to-day business issues the quality team faced.
The Requirements
Providing bespoke engineering solutions to a number of business, Tritech wanted a document management system that would enable the quality team to create custom folders for each client. While a simple shared drive could meet these demands, Tritech wanted to ensure staff could only access the latest version of documents and manage acknowledgement, review, approval and escalation processes. Security and permissions were also key requirements, with Tritech often granting access permissions on certain documents to third parties.
Tritech also aspired to eliminate their dated and inefficient paper based auditing process. With five members in their quality team spending an estimated 50 percent of their time on audits, the organisation required an auditing system that would enable its auditors to conduct internal audits on its quality processes and external audits on products coming in from its suppliers. Coordinating audit activity across multiple sites and supplier locations was also imperative.
The case for an electronic quality management system was further strengthened when Tritech’s quality team identified a need to address the high volume of general business issues. With a small quality team and limited resources, it required a system that would enable them to prioritise issues and address issues using an automated workflow.
The EQMS Solution
Tritech granted Qualsys a contract to implement EQMS Document Manager, EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager, EQMS Issue Manager, and EQMS Dashboard. 
The Role EQMS Now Plays
Tighter Document Control and Search Functionality
Tritech now benefit from unshakeable control over policies and procedures with EQMS Document Manager. Documents are now stored in their respective client file, while staff and third parties are granted access permissions under the control of administrators in the quality team. Document updates are now sent out to ensure staff acknowledgement and staff access only the latest versions of documents. EQMS Document Manager’s powerful search functionality also significantly decreases the time Tritech staff spend searching for documents. EQMS Document Manager also allows Tritech management to grant document access permissions to third parties while controlling individual user views and permissions.
Better Compliance
EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager, Issue Manager, Document Manager, and Dashboard support Tritech in ensuring both the business itself and its network of suppliers are compliant with regulation, contractual obligations, and various standards such as ISO 9001.
A Coordinated and Efficient Auditing Process
Tritech now employ a stringent auditing process when auditing their suppliers’ products with EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager. With auditors working across multiple sites, including remote locations in India, the quality team are now able to plan and schedule audits and co-ordinate activity across various locations, significantly minimising effort. EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager’s workflow-enabled functionality guides Tritech auditors through the full audit process, guaranteeing completion of any corrective or preventive actions. EQMS Dashboard enables Tritech management to view their auditing Key Performance Indicators in a real-time graphical format, meaning better decision-making and tighter control over the auditing process.
Ability to Prioritise and Address Business Issues
With EQMS Issue Manager, the Tritech quality team are able to manage the organisation’s daily business issues, assigning each issue a rating in terms of severity and urgency. Each issue is then assigned a specific automated workflow, with roles, responsibilities, and timescales clearly defined. This provides the quality team with the space to prioritise and focus their resources on the more pressing issues that severely affect the performance of the organisation. Management are now able to view the status of issues across the organisation, enabling them to drive action and processes to completion.
Financial Savings
Tritech now benefit form a number of financial savings from using EQMS. These include:
  • a significant reduction in time spent searching for documentation
  • no more time wasted with staff working off wrong versions of documentation
  • a mass reduction in paper based documentation, printing costs and filing space
  • a significant reduction in the time spent planning and scheduling audits
  • faster and better management information
  • empowering management to drive process efficiencies
  • automated issue management driving actions to completion with set timescales
  • built-in compliance and a reduction in the costs associated with fines and delays
  • an ability to prioritise and address the most pressing issues
To find out how EQMS can provide your organisation with the above benefits and more, request an online demonstration now.

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