Case Study: Carillion plc - China

Carillion plc

Employing over 40,000 people worldwide and reporting annual revenues of more than £4 billion, multinational facilities management and construction services company, Carillion Plc, demanded a robust auditing solution to enable its auditors to audit the organisation’s suppliers.

Qualsys welcomed the challenge of implementing an auditing system that would enable Carillion auditors to conduct supplier audits in remote locations, while also creating process efficiencies and saving the organisation both time and money.

Qualsys EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager and iEQMS Auditor App proved to be the perfect fit, and now serve as a lynchpin for Carillion’s global auditing process, ensuring its suppliers meet the mark when it comes to Carillion’s rigorous quality standards.

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EQMS Carillion Case Study

About Carillion

Carillion Direct Sourcing, a division of Carillion Plc, was created to support Carillion’s procurement process, utilising a large number of suppliers across the globe. Carillion’s clients are provided with access to Carillion-approved vendor services and benefit from:

  • a wide range of quality suppliers with attractive cost bases
  • bespoke developed products to customer specifications
  • a transparent and clearly visible supply chain

Carillion operates worldwide, including the UK, Canada, the Middle East and North Africa, and conducts audits around the globe in a number of remote locations including various sites in China.


The Requirements

Carillion required an auditing tool that could be implemented to provide greater visibility of its supply chain, allowing it to uphold its high standards of corporate and social responsibility.

All potential Carillion suppliers have their quality systems assessed as part of the full audit. During this, its auditors check and verify quality information and certificates (ISO 9000, 14001). Carillion auditors also make assessment of various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure the vendor is competent to consistently produce the products it requires.

With numerous vendors based in remote locations in China, Carillion required an electronic auditing tool that would enable its team of auditors to conduct audits anywhere in the world. Carillion’s Chinese division of auditors also identified a need to streamline their auditing process by eliminating the duplication of effort involved in re-entering data into their system after conducting audits on paper, and to reduce the burden of carrying large amounts of paperwork with them.


The EQMS Solution

Auditing on the iPad


After undertaking a thorough purchase evaluation process and comparing a multitude of software vendors, Carillion awarded Qualsys a contract to implement its groundbreaking Audit & Inspection Manager and iEQMS Auditor App software. The software:

  • enables Carillion auditors to complete audits on the move from any location, whether online or offline
  • eliminates duplication of effort associated with transferring information from paper to electronic record
  • improves the quality and immediacy of management information
  • improves the quality and accuracy of work by instantly collecting photos, videos and audio evidence on the iPad
  • cuts administration costs associated with paper-based systems


The Role EQMS Now Plays

Qualsys at Carillion

The introduction of EQMS has resulted in a number of benefits and efficiencies, including:


Better Compliance

EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager and iEQMS Auditor App support Carillion in ensuring its vendor network is compliant with regulation, contractual obligations, and standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Worldwide Reach

As Carillion conduct audits globally, it required a system which allowed its auditors to conduct audits from remote locations in China. Offline synch mode means auditors can complete audits on the move from any location in the world, even when a connection to their network or the Internet isn’t available.

A Streamlined Auditing Process

Paired with EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager, iEQMS Auditor replaced Carillion’s traditional paper based system for every audit carried out as part of Carillion’s procurement process. It now enables Carillion auditors to instantly enter information onto the system, thus eliminating duplication of effort and saving vast amounts of time and administration costs.

Real-Time Management Information

Carillion now benefits from greater quality and immediacy of management information. Reporting is instant and real-time, meaning immediate access to Key Performance Indicators. Deviations and NCRs are captured instantly and addressed to completion through a closed-loop process.

Reduced Burden

Previously, Carillion auditors would travel across China encumbered with laptops, digital cameras and multiple product specifications. They are now able to instantly collect photo, video and audio evidence using just one device, improving the speed, quality, and accuracy of their audits. Associated audit information such as product specifications and relevant standards are on-hand when required as a separate download on their iPad.


Auditing on the iPad with the iEQMS Auditor App

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